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Challenges in the EU Registration of Chemicals

The EU regulations for the notification and registration of agrochemicals (91/414/EEC), biocides (98/8/EC), cosmetics (76/768/EEC) and pharmaceuticals EMEA (EMEA/CHMP/SWP/4447/00) challenge the chemical industry. Now, the new REACH regulations demand additional compliance commitments from the manufacturers of industrial chemicals. As well, supply chain companies, like importers and downstream users, are also impacted, and will face additional burdens.

Increasing economic pressure in a highly competitive environment makes it continually more demanding to effectively accomplish registrations of chemicals. Small and medium size enterprises (SME), are particularly vulnerable in this climate. Companies need to make best use of the available internal and external resources to stay competitive.

GNS CONSULT is contributing services in contracting of registration work, study monitoring and registration consulting to meet this challenge.

Contracting Monitoring Consulting: REACH, 91/414, EMEA

GNS CONSULT´s main service is to support industry by facilitating contracting, i.e., outsourcing and sourcing, of registration projects such as laboratory studies (“testing”), exposure and effect assessments, risk assessments and registration dossiers. GNS CONSULT offers to 

  • Find the ideal partner for a given testing or consulting project from our network of qualified test laboratories (CRO) and consultants with respect to price, quality and timelines

If requested by our partners, GNS CONSULT can add value by performing study monitoring and registration consulting. We offer  

  • Expert study monitoring of registration studies in ecotoxicology, analytical chemistry, residue chemistry, environmental chemistry and metabolism, according to appropriate guidelines such as OECD, EEC and OPPTS
  • Scientific and registration consulting in the area of environmental fate, behavior and toxicology, to comply with the most relevant EU directives, such as 91/414, REACH and EMEA

How to REACH us

GNS CONSULT is aware that the matters of registration are complex and that each individual company has different problems to be solved. Effective communication is required to understand and solve these problems.

Please call us. We are standing-by to offer you our long term professional expertise.

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